Digitrax DN163A1 1 Amp N Scale Mobile Decoder for Atlas N-Scale SD60, SD60M, SD50 and others

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  • Board replacement decoder for Atlas N-Scale SD60, SD60M, SD50 and others

  • Golden-White Surface Mount LEDs for added realism

  • Decoder Lock equipped

Note: In January 2012, DN163A1 was changed from larger through hole LEDs for lighting to smaller surface mount LEDs.  Both versions work the same way.  This was a manufacturing change to make the process more efficient.


Don’t settle for a decoder without the latest features in your locomotive!

Upgrade your N Scale Atlas Locos to Digitrax Series 3 Decoders with Digitrax LocoMotion™, FX3, Transponding™, Super Sonic™ and more!


Current Rating-Motor                1 Amp Continuous/1.25 Amp Peak Rating
Size                                           0.374” x 3.875” w/LEDs x 0.1570” (9.4996mm x 98.425 mm w/LEDs x 3.9878mm)
Installation                                 Board Replacement (read more)
Function Outputs                      6-500mA
Function Type                           FX3 (read more)
Features                                   Series 3 (read more)
Warranty                                   No Worries Warranty (read more)